What a different child we see today

We hope that the child that first comes to JAC is not the child that leaves. We expect to see radical transformation. Change for the better and children who have been encouraged to make positive choices for the rest of their lives. Read more

Helping understanding

One of the greatest powers of the animals we have is the way they reflect the emotions of the young people back at them. By separating themselves from their own emotions and being able to analyse them on an animal, it frees the young person to make a rational decision about how to behave in their own life. Read more

At JAC, she "can be herself”

Professional feedback regularly identifies the positive impact that sessions at JAC can have. Many children engage here when they don't anywhere else. Read more

Thank you 1,000 times for making a difference in our family.

So often we struggle due a lack of the ability to communicate with one another. Learning that skill in a safe environment can lead to radical transformation for the individual but also the whole family. Read more